Monday, October 16, 2017

Mischief Monday - Mouse Relocation Express 2017

Hello fellow animals lovers,

The express being washed out for the next customers
As may occur in many of our homes, as the weather gets cooler, some of our critter friends, mainly mice decided it is time to move in. We never had a mouse problem when our cats were alive. The winter after they died we caught 32. Hailey would like to go on record and say two of those were her catches.

The mouse season has begun. To date we have been able to happily relocated 2/3 mice who have made it into our humane trap. The first customer somehow got stuck and was seriously injured, and was helped to the bridge. The other two rode the rails together. At about 3:30 am last Thursday, Hailey raced loudly to the kitchen (the express is kept under the sink). She was carrying on such that the Man got up and looked and saw we had two passengers. They had to wait for the car to leave around 6 am where they were driven a few kilometres away before teas was served at home. If you release them near the house, they just come back in.

We will see how many mice we relocate this year!

Express waiting for next customers

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday The 13th!

Let's hope it doesn't get too freaky! It is October and Halloween is right around the corner!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Looking For Comfort In A Storm

Last Wednesday on my work at home day, thunderstorms 42 and 43 of the year (which had us break the record for most thunderstorms in a year) rolled through. Generally, my girl will just go and hide when this happens. She will occasionally look to the Man for comfort. Rarely does she actively seek me out for comfort. For whatever reason during storm 42, she joined me in my office.

I happened to be using the standing feature on my desk when she came in, so she stood up against me. 

After awhile I had been standing long enough and wanted to sit down. To do this, I need to move the mat I was standing on. My girl would not move so I could move it, so I ended up rolling it up over her. 

She probably stayed under that mat for about 30 minutes before she ventured out. She actually relaxed enough to fall asleep.  It was very cute and not disruptive to my work.

When storm 43 rolled in later that evening, she was not as peaceful. She stood in the kitchen and barked. 

I will say that given the record number of storms we have had, I am actually impressed with how well our girl did this year. There were 3 nights we had to be up with her. She only did mild damage to one door frame trying to get in the room when we were out.

Let's hope the storms are behind us for the year and next year isn't as record breaking!