Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tracking - by Lee

By the time you read this, our snow may be all gone. They are forecasting a lot of rain at the start of this week. Because of this, Lady thought it would be a great time to go out and play in the snow. We haven't done much of that because it has been too cold or too icy. 

Sunday was a beautiful winter day, so off we went.

I haven't talked much about it, but I have been doing a lot of off leash training this winter. I don't really like sinking in the deep snow and can't get the speed, so my peeps have been trusting me more.

I did an ok job on Sunday, until I found evil Red John Squirrel's tracks. 

Then I went into the bush, that is still our property. Lady told me to wait, and I did. She put me on leash and brought me back to the yard.

Red John may have escaped this time, but someday I will get him (or her, we don't know the gender).

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tasty Tuesday - Belated Pancake Day

Lady was away last week so we didn't get to do Pancake Tuesday. Never fear, our usual pancake Sunday happened and we got an extra special treat . . . . .the Man made one pancake just for us! (Note: Lady was very mad because she thinks Man does not make her enough pancakes. She did not think it was appropriate for us to suggest some of that extra weight she has been complaining about may be due to things like eating her body weight in pancakes).

The pancake, with real maple syrup.

The Man cut it up, something about us not chewing it if he didn't. 

Phod waited patiently.

So did Lee.

Emma wanted to know if she could help and speed the process up!

Finally, he put the last touches on it. 

Time to dig in! Emma ate hers so quickly, Lady didn't capture it. 

Then when our peeps were done, we got to lick their plates. It was a pawsome Sunday snack! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mischief Monday - Catching Up by Lee

I am so angry at her, I can't look

Dear Blogville,

I have missed you so. We have been away for far too long and I blame it all on the Lady. She is this weeks mischief maker. 

She tried to pull the work is very busy and I have to abandon you for ever go out of town on a work trip for a few days and something has to give excuse. At first, I thought she should be giving up her exercise, but the Phod reminded me that we want Lady to stay healthy so she can play with us and walk us. Then I thought she should give up sleep, but then I remembered how grumpy she is when she doesn't sleep. No one wants to see that.  Then I thought she should just give up work, but then Man explained how if Lady doesn't work, we can't buy extra treats. I thought his working should be enough, but he said they both need to work so we can have the life now and in the future that we want. He also said, Lady has a very important job helping people. I think she should focus more on helping me. 

In the end, I had to accept that she couldn't write wonderful stories about me, but at least she did let me visit my pals as much as possible. 

We survived our time without her. The Man did a good job at taking care of us. Even Emma adjusted ok. I was very excited when Lady returned  Thursday night, I couldn't stop jumping for joy. 

We are back now and Lady has promised to try and post more and visit you all as much as possible. She wants people to know that the Ontario Government has created a new Autism Program, which means she has a lot of new paperwork to sort out for this in the next few months as some of her clients transition to the new program. She also wants you all to know she is always with you in spirit and sometimes does sneaky things like read without commenting, and she knows you will all understand if she can't visit every day. 

I am willing to forgive Lady for now, but she is on probation. 

We have some adventures to share! 

your friend, Hailey Bug aka Lee

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Post Cards From Paris

Today we join Blogville's Post Cards from Paris Blog Hop. However you spend your day, may it be filled with love!

From Cousin Emma

Hailey and Angel Easy

Zaphod and Maizie

Be sure to go over to Madi's to see everyone in the fashion show (CCC18)

Saturday, February 10, 2018